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About Firestone Insurance Agency LLC

Founded in 1986 by Ken & Donna Firestone, Firestone Insurance began in Normalville, Pennsylvania. The agency started with one company and a promise to provide our clients with truthful, friendly, and courteous service. It worked, and our client base has grown steadily since then. In 2005 the agency opened a location in Harrisburg, PA and today we are able to write insurance anywhere in the state of PA. Since 2015 the agency has been run by Tiza and Greg Dunaway (Ken and Donna’s daughter and son-in-law).

Today our clients are able to choose from over 20 well known insurance companies. Coverage is provided for nearly every risk regardless of credit history or past claims and the promise to provide truthful, friendly and courteous service is still in place.

As an Independent Insurance Agency we work for YOU! We do the shopping for you to save you time and a bunch of needless phone calls. Because, let’s face it, no one loves to shop for insurance – except us!